Reader Messages / Text Effects Guide Updates

Reader Messages and Alerts

Reader messages allow you to add more emotion, flavor, reinforcement, and commentary to your stories!

Reader Message Syntax

readerMessage <text>

To include a title in your message add ‘with messageTitle’ and your title at the end.

readerMessage <text> with messageTitle <text>

Here are some examples:

The above command will result in the following reader message floating up on screen:

After appearing, the reader message automatically goes away after 5 seconds have passed.

Adding in a message title looks like this:

Which shows up on the screen like this:

How to use Text Effects in YOUR Story!

What are text effects?
Text effects are font customizations that allow you to put more emphasis on certain parts of the dialogue in your story.

Text effects can be applied anywhere your story has text:

  • Narrator boxes
  • Speech bubbles
  • Thought bubbles
  • Reader messages
  • Choice Buttons*

We also have 3 types of effects that can be applied:

  • Formatting
  • Colors*
  • Animations

*NOTE: Color effects cannot be used with choices as we want to maintain readability for all speech bubble styles.

How do I add text effects into my script?

All text effects require the | character to start and end the command.

Multiple commands can be used together when separated by a comma (,) meaning you can mix and match formatting, colors and animations.

Text effects that are applied will be reset after each dialog. To end an effect before the end of the dialogue, you’ll want to use |reset|.

What formatting effects are available?
Here’s the full list of formatting command at this time:

  • bold
  • italic
  • underline
  • strikethrough
  • superscript
  • subscript
  • outline
  • shadow

These would be written as |formatName| and can be combined using a comma.

  • Example: |bold, italic| or | underline |

What color effects are available?
Here’s the full list of formatting command at this time:

The exact syntax is |color:colorName| for text colors, OR |highlight:colorName| for highlight colors, and can NOT be combined using a comma.

What animation effects are available?
Here’s the full list of available animation commands at this time:

  • shake
  • flash

These would be written as |animation:animationName| and can NOT be combined using a comma.

Example: |animation:shake|

You can also find these using the right-hand side bar here:

What if I want to do some advanced effect work?
To create some more advanced effects you can use the no-space command. This will prevent space from being added in between words, letters or punctuation that have text effects applied.

Doing this can help you create effects like the one here:

Which translates to this!


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@Jesse something changed with this update!

Can you still publish your story if you used text effects that came up as errors?

I have text animations in my story and I have had no problems with it. I think it should be okay.


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what about text overlays?

Text overlays are different to text effects.

Text effects only apply to:

  • Dialogue - Narrator, Speech bubbles and Thought bubbles.
  • Choices
  • Reader Messages

It does work in text overlays as I’ve used it in there.

However, mixing them isn’t gonna work.