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Hey guys!
I’ve been an author since 17th February last year. I wrote Little Mafia Secret, and it has 3.8M reads and it went so well. I made a little break and I started writing again after a month or two (after I finished Little Mafia Secret). I published season 2 of Little mafia Secret and it’s not going so well. Can someone help me figure out if there’s something wrong w the story, to give me your opinion? Thanks!

Tittle: Little Mafia Secret: Dark Paradise
Genre: (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight only
Story Description: Will you be able to get out of the big problem that is chasing you? Will you find solutions to your problem or will you sink into even deeper darkness? (LL) (art scenes)

Also, there is a lot of art scenes! Choices are matter!

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Hi!!! I was looking for the same thing for my story! Would you be interested in a R4R/ Review? I need some feedback for my story as well!! No pressure just thought I’d ask!

Could you elaborate a bit more on why you think it’s not doing well? Is it because it’s not getting the reads that your first story did? Or do you actually think there’s something wrong with it?


Uuh we can try, I’m not reading stories anymore since last year… :sob:But if you want to, we can​:heart::hugs:

Well, I was thinking -
Runking is bad, reads as well… And of course I’ll think that something is wrong w it, but I don’t know what exactly :sleepy:

Unless your sequel story is drastically different compared to your first one, then it’s probably not a story issue. Unfortunately, people can be fickle. They’ll like your story one day, then forget about it the next, that’s why it’s best to be consistent or keep them engaged to tide them over.

Well first of all the original has near 50 episodes. This one barely has 16. I think you simply have to publish more episodes for it to get even somewhat close to 3.8 mil. And, in general, sequels posted as a separate story on the app usually don’t get as many reads as the first installment.

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