Reader retention

Hello, everyone!

I have been reading stories on Episode for quite a long time and now with the awesome new contest upon us I decided to try myself at writing.

I wonder though if it is possible to check anywhere the story’s reader engagement rate? For example, my story has 9 reads so far but I don’t know if people have actually finished my story or not. Is there a way to find this out?

Any advice will be much appreciated.


Not at all. If somebody else knows, please let me know. But I’ve been here for quite a bit, too and I’ve never seen such a thing. Sorry!

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That’s really bad we can’t track this. :cry:

I assume that stories pop up when you search for them in the order of their reader retention but I am not sure. Therefore, I was wondering if there is an official way/source to check the engagement.

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I have no knowledge if there is such a feature but it would be really cool if there was one. :frowning:

You can always suggest it in the features thread? The team might just add it!

You’re right! I have no explanation for how those stories are ordered. It would be really interesting to know!

This feature request asking for access to reader retention for each chapter may be of interest to you all. It could certainly use your support! :slight_smile:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: