readerMessages are tiny in preview


The texts in readerMessages when previewing on the mobile app shows up as super tiny. Am I the only one getting this?


That used to happen to me sometimes.
I believe it’s just a glitch!


Does it have to do with the type of phone?


I’ve never experienced this, so maybe a glitch. For me the biggest thing I dislike about reader messages now is that they’re at the top. It often goes over the top of character’s heads and hides the top of their head whilst the message displays. Very visually unappealing. I wish they were back at the bottom. I’m not sure why they moved them to the top. Very annoying. It puts me off using them in my stories now.


What phone do you have? I use an Iphone 7 and I get the glitch


honestly, I don’t like it either and I have to agree that it’s very visually unappealing.


Mine’s an android LGK20


too bad it wasn’t a choice to have it at the bottom or the top! I liked it better at the bottom because I find I don’t look at the top enough and I miss it.