Readers are having issues with tappables in my story

I’m having a scene where the reader is supposed to unlock a door tapping on a tappable overlay. However, the 3rd person reported it as not working for them… It worked for my beta testers, me when I tested it and for all the other readers, just for some people not! What can I do about it? There’s nothing I can eally change in the script, as I suppose it’s an app bug. Please help, it’s my AW contest entry :frowning_face:

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If it’s the AW entry you cannot edit it rn

I know that, but there’s nothing I could change in my script anyway… you know? Like it’s not a coding problem but a problem with the few people’s app, I believe. However, I think Episode allows some changes after a contest deadline.

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Yes, but after the winner have been announced, if I am right…

Btw, you can always make this option: make a normal choice saying: Are you having trouble with the overlay? If yes then you’ll make the scene works automatically

Yeah, I was thinking about adding this feature in the future.
I guess I’m just gonna submit a ticket…


It doesn’t work with old devices.

If only a few people had issues it might be just their devices being old/laggy


My devices are brand new and up to date so it’s definitely not that :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I meant the reader’s devices

Maybe add another overlay that’s easy to tap? If they tap that overlay you can add a choice if they want to skip the tappable part.

I am the reader lol

It’s because the feature isn’t out for most people. I recommend to have a choice put in before the overlay asking the reader if the tappable feature works or not.

But after the contest is over though

Yeah, I submitted a ticker about that already. The do allow some minor changes after the deadline, so I hope I’ll be able to do something about it.