‘Readers’ block

I used to binge read so many episode stories at once, and now i can’t even get past the 1st episode of any story. i dont know if it’s just me, or if the stories just haven’t been as good lately?? any suggestions???



Try mine and see if you can make it past the first episode:


It happens. You probably just need a good break from the app, it’s become repetitive so it’s not as interesting anymore. Happens to me sometimes.


Read real books or try another app for a bit lol.
Sometimes you just need a break and sometimes another art style or format will help break it up.


I agree with this. I have a few,

  • One of the Girls by Amberose
  • By The Book by Amberose
  • Marry, Kiss, Kill by A.BeauTy and Amberose
  • Psychology 101 by Annie Edison
  • Ace of Spades by QueenIvy
  • Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
  • Solis: Regnum Fortes by Aedus
  • Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
  • Princess Proper by Jay M. Santiago
  • Who We Are by Jay M. Santiago
  • Not So Figured Out by Adriana

the last time i was binge reading episode stories was when classic was still a thing


same here buddy


I recommend Jaded Love by bri on episode! Got me hooked on the first episode for sure… but that’s if you like romance.


I feel that way with shows, except it’s completely random, even in the same genre. I watched all of Titans in a week but cant get past episode 2 of Supergirl :unamused:


My interest in reading Episode stories comes and goes lol. I get into slumps, where a story isn’t good enough to binge but isn’t bad enough to drop, and I’ll pick away at 1 episode in a week. Then I find a binge-worthy story and I’m watching the countdown until my 4 passes refresh lmao. :woman_shrugging: Sometimes ya just need a story that grabs you by the eyeballs and doesn’t let go, but other times, all ya need is a break lol. No shame in taking a break, this is a hobby after all. :slight_smile:


Not just you very few stories hold my attention for long the only one I look forward to updating is whoops I’m pregnant as it’s just such a train wreak.


I think it might be a case of over repeating themes in stories…

Try ‘Dirty Blood’ or ‘All the remains’ they both great stories!


Oh yes, I’ve been there. I used to read at least the first two chapters of every story before forming an opinion, but nowadays I do stop reading stories within the first two minutes. There are great stories out there, but many of them are not easy to find.

As for recommendations, do you have any preference in genre, theme, style etc? I can surely find something from my list

And thanks again @LiyahxWrites :kissing_heart:


Some stories but if you want my recommendations.

The Dragon Bride is super good.

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This is very true. We have writers block and readers block. This is the reason why I find it hard to finish some stories for R4R… i dont know…i try and still can make it but a lot of effort needs to be there.

That’s why I have this tactic whereby:

If I’m a Mystery, Horror, Thriller writer, I can try to read a few stories of this genre for a while before switching for a breather break on other genres like Comedy and Romance. It really helps. Can try Adventure and Action it depends on ths individual.

But if I’m a Romance or Comedy writer, it’s vice versa.

As a reader, if I keep reading Episode Hits stories, the ones already in Top 100 on the app and never community stories, it will form perceptions and biasness. Still depends on the individual but what I’m saying is…get out there and get out of the comfort zone. Break free of our constant cycle to explore new genres of stories and this is an excellent way to help readers and writers block.


Not necessary. Some stories there I found it hard to get past the first episode too. But of course I wont say which… :sweat:

Guess I need more sleep…

Omg hahah. What part of Supergirl don’t you like?

Im stuck at end of Season 1. I like Cat Grant and I know Supergirl might be annoying but I like to see her learn her lesson(sometimes) and grow (slowly):joy:. I just watched Episodes 1 and 2 of Supergirl Season 2 due to Tyler as Superman​:joy::joy::joy:

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I have the same :slight_smile: over the past month or 2 I just haven’t been able to really get into a story!

Hmm, to each their own.

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It’s not that I dont like it, it’s just that when I’m not currently watching it, I can’t find the motivation to actually watch it, if that makes any sense lol