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Hello, everyone! I’m a starting author on Episode. I’ve been in the community not for so long but already noticed that it’s hard to get your story noticed. In a meantime I’ve been doing some R4r thing, but there are lots of people who just wanted to get more views, and didn’t care about my story! So! I came with an idea! I created a page on instagram dedicated to new authors, people who have under 1500 views. Everyday I publish a story we all need to read, after that we should leave a little review (3 points you like, 3 author needs to improve(politely ofc)) down the post on the account. We’re stronger together! We should help one another! Let’s shout really loud! :pray:t2::revolving_hearts:

So, the things you need to do is

  1. Fill the form
  2. Follow me on Instagram @epi.shoutout
  3. Send me the cover, description and the link to your story in dm
  4. And follow the rules


:gift_heart: This is not a r4r, review etc page. I created the page to help underrated authors to create their readers base. Not to gain views of people who actually don’t care about your story. Long term readers.
:gift_heart:It’s not about promoting, it’s about offering your story. When you fill the form you agree to read the stories of other people and give them a little feedback. We read whole stories, not just 2-3 chapters.
:gift_heart:I accept the requests from authors who have less than 1500 views in total.

I’m waiting impatiently to read new fantastic stories and share them with you on Ig.
Love you all

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