Readers creating character outfits like with the CC

Is there anyway that I can have the readers create the outfits for the characters just like with the character customization templates i see people use. Like with @Dara.Amarie’s CC template where you only customize how a character looks, but instead with the clothing being the options. I wanna give this a try, but I don’t know how to create that. Has anyone ever done that before. If so, can you tell or show me how you did it. If not, I’m fine with being the first person to do this. But please help me, I need it.

Yes can do this but it would be a lot of coding a and using the if/else system. You would need a template for shirts a template for your bottoms a template for your shoes and it simple it if you wanted accessories and I’d have to pick I mean I guess you could do it without that if/else system but it’d bea lott of coating if you wanted to do it

I could try to help you the best I could to make you some if you wanted to just send me like the tops you want the bottoms you want the shoes you want and like I said if you want to acessories for them to pick I can try to make you some templates for it and see how it comes out I’m not promising anything it may come out horrible but I’ll try my best

Omg thank you so much, I honestly didn’t think I was gonna get a reply so quickly. Lol I literally just thought of this from out of the blue and I didn’t think that it would be possible even to create.

You mean like make them choose the shoes, shorts, t-shirt, etc…?

It’s the same method as the customization. It will just take lots of time

@Dara.Amarie has a template on her linktree of a custom dress-up mini-game just like this.

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Yep I do!

@NeciMeetsWorld The template is really complicated and it’s only for 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 shoes. Anything more than that gets even more extremely complicated. Make sure to read all of my instructions.

The code: CLICK HERE
A video of how it works: CLICK HERE


thank you so much