Readers- goal of 30 reads before Christmas 2023

Hi my name is haley i am a newly writer to episode and a few weeks ago my guess is late October early November of this year and i know this may seem far fetched but i have a goal i would like to reach- at least 30 reads before Christmas this year.

i will return the reads if you are a writer as well, i am in need of a new book too as i finished fangs, in my blood, fake fangirl, bride of satan, love bite,unholy cane, bisexual bachelorette, prince of malibu, eternal flame, my sweet mistake, district, phantom addicted, entwined hearts and many many more.

my episode username is; Haley_Ward_21 you will more or less see a blonde, episode doesn’t have half and half hair so i cant do both lol.

my stories: (episode app) Hollywood ending, and fate of hell
coming soon stories: bride of the damned ( not supernatural), the broken mind of an author, the assassins stone, veil in red, and a thief in a mask

my Instagram: the_echo_tribune
my Instagram holds my website link and another link to my other stories i don’t know if i can mention it on here but there’s over 50+stories on there.


Hey there!

I would love to read your story & provide feedback. If you’d like to do a R4R, here’s my story link.

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I’m interested in a r4r :blush:

Here’s a link to my story:

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Hi! I just started writing a new story! It is called “Through the Dark” and would love to do a r4r with feedback!

:fire: Description: Delilah, an assassin in a DARK dystopian world, has power but no control. Lucas, the only one who knows control, hates the league she works for. Together can they change the world?
:fire: Episodes: 5, ongoing (and I get them out quickly)
:fire: Genre: Fantasy, Dystopian, Mystery, Romance
:fire: There is full CC and Art scenes and No gem choices but I am adding a support option!
:fire: My author account is Della if you are interested and I am up for a r4r or g4g!

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Through The Dark

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

I would also love to read your story, let’s get it to 30+ reads! lol I can do a gem for gem, too if you have the option and would like that, it’ll help push your story for potentially more reads as well!

Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (LL)

Genre: Mystery, and a bit of everything else

Description: A single text, reading “you’re invited” promises to mend a friendship long shattered by betrayal. That is, until you’re accused of murder. Snowed in, and racing against time, can you wade through the countless secrets to find the truth buried deep within the walls of Ambrogi Mansion?

Current Trailer

:snowflake: Episodes 1-11 of Murder at Ambrogi Mansion are out now. :snowflake:
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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