Readers massage is not going

Readers massage not going don’t know why tried all the things I saw on the forum nothing still changes

Send your script

Maybe you’ve misspelt or used lower case/ upper case?

Write directly:

readerMessage [Insert Message Here]


you need to do this
# readermessage (blah blah blah)
Add the # before

You spelled Message wrong

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You spelled it wrong

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Episode tells me error it says write ReaderMassage instead of reader massage

Again, you spelled Message wrong

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Am a dumb ass thank you

You can read about reader Messages here: Reader Messages / Text Effects Guide Updates

Hope it helps :smile_cat: :sunflower:

Ofc np :slightly_smiling_face:

No, you are not, please don’t call yourself that! You’re making an effort to learn coding and that is just so amazing of you.
Remember, we all start at the beginning :wink:

Thanks love u guys

This has really helped