Readers not able to get past a scene in my story

I’m receiving a number of fan-mails about a problem with a scene where the app seems to get stuck on

This is the code of the scene.

@BIANCA moves to layer 3
@BIANCA faces left AND BIANCA is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND ETHAN is kiss_passionate_loop
@zoom on BIANCA to 150% in 2 AND zoom on ETHAN to 150% in 2

It gets stuck on the above scene and nothing happens after

@BIANCA walks to spot 1.25 100 1 AND BIANCA faces right AND ETHAN is idle_happy

    ETHAN (talk_flirt)
Hey sunshine.

You can’t zoom on them at the same time, I don’t think.

Instead of putting AND between them, try putting THEN

I’d suggest reading through your story multiple times to avoid this happening again. (especially with different branches; make sure to read through it all.)

Did everything get solved?