Readers that will give feedback


I have barely any feedback on any of my stories and it’s kinda hard to know what my readers are thinking.


What’s your story? If you’d like, I will give you feedback.


Seeing is believing


I have reds for reads threads here that always give a free review


Ok I haven’t seen those


My Feedback: (judging by the first episode)
In all honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. It has a good storyline but it wasn’t executed well. The story needs to progress a lot slower. You need to include things such as introducing the characters in detail, explaining the events in detail and whatnot. Your story was very confusing and could use a lot of improvement. It felt very rushed. It seemed like you didn’t spend time properly developing the characters and actual storyline, which is incredibly important.

The directing was alright… you could’ve used a wider variety of animations and more advanced direction. I feel that learning just a little bit more about the Episode coding language would help it go all together nicely, because I noticed many, many glitches in your story which can easily be caused by poor coding. Even just adding punctuation would be a great help in the story.

I really wish this wasn’t too harsh on you… :confused: I apologise if I seemed rude in any way.


I know there will be some negative feedback from a lot and that’s fine. That being said seeing is believing is my story and the first chapter I was basically going off of what I know and what i was told. Thank you for being honest with me


I will give you feedback. will you feedback mine? I just published it yesterday


Ok sure what story is it


can you give me some feedback. I would love your opinion


Sure, Jaeljean.


Just send me the name of your story and I’ll check it out!


just know there is only 3 episodes but there will be more lol. If there are any glitches please let me know. It’s called Let it rain. I just published it yesterday


let it rain


Ok I would love to read it


your story needs more explaining about the characters and what’s going on. a little more coding and directing is always good


Ok that I can work on😊


Alright Jaeljean, I’m back from reading the first episode. And I’ve got to say, that was pretty good.

I feel that it could use a lot more dialogue to make it flow better and you could add a little more progression. Adding background characters would add a lot to it. It feels a little bit empty, unlike a school. I really did enjoy the use of sport directing and whatnot. There was a couple of glitches and layering errors, but other than that, there wasn’t anything that could’ve been drastically improved.

I feel like the characters should’ve been introduced in slightly more detail and more places should’ve been included. It sort of felt like the only places that were there were the school and her bedroom. So, maybe you could’ve added a part where they drove to her house and had a short conversation. Even the littlest things would make a big difference. The episode was a little bit short, so those mini scenes could do something for the length and feel of it.


Hopefully that didn’t sound harsh. I apologise if it did


I still really enjoyed it, and I’m liking the main character.