Reading ALL of your stories!

PLOT I think the plot is really unique and interesting. It is different from any other story I have read on this platform. It gives me Hunger Games vibes. It is full of suspense and mystery and leaves the reader wanting to know more.
SCORE 10/10
Grammar Grammar is one of my biggest pet peeves. I can’t finish some stories due to the abundance of errors. However, this was not the case for your story. There were no visible grammars errors that I noticed.
SCORE 10/10
Directing Overall, the directing was pretty good. I didn’t notice any huge errors. However, I believe either in the second or third chapter it looked as if Jason and Rhie were walking on the table. In addition, there were a few instances where the speech bubbles were in weird places or randomly jumped to weird places, but these minor issues didn’t have a negative impact on the overall story.
SCORE 8/10
Choices I enjoyed the available choices. I really like stories where I actually feel like I have an impact on the story or at least the ending. I’m not sure if the choices have an actual impact on the storyline, but if they don’t they at least give the illusion of doing so.
SCORE 10/10
SOUNDS I am really glad that music and sound is included in your story. It makes the story easier to read and sets the tone for each scene. I felt that the music choice for each scene went well with what was currently happening.
SCORE 10/10
Overall 48/50 I really like the concept of your story. It has a very unique storyline. I already added it to my favorites and will continue to read it. I love the variety of characters and different personalities. I already have a strong feeling of who I like and dislike lol. There is a lot of mystery about what will happen next and how it will end. I’m excited to read more!

Here is my story information when you are ready to read it:
Episode Nickname : ARC
Story Title : Wanderer of Fallen Fate
Story Genre : Romance
Description : With the ability to see the deadly fate of anyone she touches, Phoenix attempts to prevent the untimely death of a handsome stranger.
Style : Limelight
Options : CC, Choices matter.
Episodes : 4
Instagram : @arc.episode
Link : []

Hey! I just finished reading your story “Lost Summer Love” I chose that one because I’m a little over the vampire vs werewolf plotlines. Here are my thoughts:

I think the plot is a cute summer story. What I think needs work is narration. I realized very early that you have a habit of narrating instead of showing us, this is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to Episode. Instead of telling us that Kelsey is a designer etc. have her mention that HERSELF. Revealing things through dialogue will help the flow of the story, instead of taking readers out of it.
Directing is really good but there were a couple mistakes that can easily be fixed! When you’re spot directing make sure the characters towards the back are smaller than the characters standing in the front. This is just basically how perspective works in real life and it’ll help bring your story to life as well.
There are no choices from what I saw, which is disappointing! I love a story with impactful choices so that was a disappointment.
Grammar&Spelling: Both of these were very nicely done! I didn’t realize any glaring issue. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it with the text effects. I find making a work bold in black looks just fine and it has drama.

Overall: This is a really nice story to kill time to! If I had to say anything, I would advice you to add some excitement or an overarching plotline so people won’t drop your story for another. Cliffhangers are good way to do that :wink:

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the review!

Hello, I just got done reading your story! Here are my thoughts:

First Impressions: The title definitely gives a strong fantasy vibe! I think it’s a little too long as a catchy title should be max 3 words in my opinion but obviously this is my own personal taste. The title doesn’t quite relate to your story for now, at least. The summary is precise and to the point! So kudos to you. 4/5

PLOT: I live for a good fantasy story! I like the concept of seeing people’s death upon a touch but I think there was very little done with it. I’m sure that feeling comes from the fact that your episodes are just too short! This is also mostly a romance plot than a fantasy, I can see. I also think it’s weird to go on a date knowing the guy will die by my hand. Still, good hook! Just needs more content in the plot. 3.5/5
Directing: There aren’t any glaring directing issues but there aren’t any ambitious overlay/spot directing either. I would really love to see at least some zooms when there’s a dialogue between two people but still… no errors! 4.5/5
Grammar&Spelling: No errors from what I could see! This makes the story flow a lot better too. 5/5
Choices: You told us our choices will impact the ending, I read three episodes and I don’t know if they do but I’ll believe you! 5/5

Overall: I think this is a good romance story with unique fantasy elements. As a fantasy junkie I wish there was more mystery/fantasy then romance. Why does the main character have these powers? Does magic exist in this world or is she an exception? The worldbuilding needs expansion and clarification. Still, I like the unique aspects of your story! Keep writing! 8.8/10

Thanks :ghost:

If you have some ideas for good cliffhangers based on what you’ve read, pls do share.

Thx for the review :purple_heart::v:t4:

Story Title: © Tribe of Malapinchi
Author: Jannah Jackson
Story Description:
New Description:
Tales of the Old Asians warned that WW2 scars still plagued the exotic-cursed tribe in the mythical land at East South East Asia. The land of Sun, light & black magic, lies and dark secrets. Can you survive, solve the havoc, cleanse and heal, save and free everyone? Or die in vain?

Old Description:
Toss into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets in Asia. Can you survive, solve the havoc and save everyone before it’s too late? FullCC/MiniGames/Tappables
Genre: Realistic-Fantasy/Mystery/ Adventure/Thriller/Horror
Style: Multiple
How many chapters does it has: 6/7
Cover (With symbolic meanings of the cover inside the story)

Additional Info:

  1. Chapters are generally slightly longer than most episode stories…given because of the nature of the plot.

Episode 1: Really showcases how struggling the MC is, the character progression is really smooth, and you did a good job of creating a “nothing left to lose” persona. Things that I would consider is making it less predictable; There would be a lot more suspense if the MC wasn’t “the chosen one” and instead just a regular civilian in trying times.

Episode 2: I don’t think that the reader should have a choice not to meet the other contestants, it’s a big part of the story and without interacting them it would feel like being around strangers. I loveee the unique names and chemistry with Jason. There’s a choice where you could decide to meet others but you’d have to go through the whole previous scene first if that makes sense. The death scene was really hilarious and unexpected at the same time, I thought you nailed that scene.

Episode 3 The whole “poisoned drinks” twist was genius, I actually felt remorse even for the ones I hate/don’t care about. It gives me heavy AHS: Apocalypse vibes where the contestants are never in the safe side. There should be some romance choices with Asher because he’s hella cute lol. For the ‘picture of mom’ scene, she just pops in 1-2 seconds after the background, so if you’d like I think that my Polaroid photo tutorial would be perfect for your case!

Summary: Stunning storyline, characters/personalities are fun & unique, could potentially put the MC at risk/danger to avoid the predictable “generic” plot where the MC is the special one and wins.

Directing: You can use a seal overlay for E2 along with an arm overlay to make the beach scene more tense :heart: I love the use of zooms and spot directing. I also recommend using a sound reminder at the beginning of each episode :musical_note:

Visuals: A good thrilling story deserves an eye-catching cover, and I have a really awesome concept for your story so HMU if you’re interested for a design :art:

Thank you! :see_no_evil:

Here’s my story :blush:

Priceless by Rockified
Description: Aiming to seek a normal like, you carry the burden of keeping your wealth a secret upon converting to a public school, unveiling a family’s untold puzzles to your remarkable fortune.

MC : Female

Episodes count: 5, (6th release around the corner.)

Perks: | LL | Character customisation | Advanced directing | LGBT-friendly | Minigames! |

Hello! As written above, I require proof/review that you read my story before writing a full review. I’ll write one as soon as you send me something!

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I just read your story! Here’s the review…

First Impressions: I think the title leaves a little to be desired. One work titles most usually never work in my opinion so try and find something that is SPECIFIC to your story as a title. The summary is AMAZING. I’m definitely into dark secrets in my stories so I was definitely hooked in after reading that! 3.5/5
PLOT: I’m not quite sure what the plot is? Yes, there’s a rich girl who doesn’t want to be rich, a burned down school and general drama but I don’t know how they’re tied together? Since you already showed us a baby being rescued from the fire, we know that’s MC. There’s no mystery, no romance and no drama here. Add a MOTIVE for the MC to go to school and find out who she is other than it being a coincidence. For example, what if her mother’s corpse was never found in the fire and she’s missing? We need a PERSONAL reason to be invested in the story. 2/5
Directing: Directing is generally really good! There are a few mistakes like talking with the bodyguard in Episode 1, you have to move MC in a bigger layer than he is. Still, generally alright! 4/5
Grammar & Spelling: There are quite a few errors in the language department. For example, some saying are wrongly used such as “I promised I would stick to bla bla” when the correct thing is “stick with”. Also some minor spelling errors. Proofread your work for sure! 4/5
Choices: There were very few choices but you said they matter so I’ll believe you. But I don’t think any choices affected anything up this point. 5/5

Overall: I think this is a story that has POTENTIAL. This is definitely more like a first draft than a finished product but that just means there’s improvement to be made. Mostly, I found the story enjoyable but the plot needs some work. Reminder that you have only ONE episode to hook the readers in! Try to make the stakes higher so people are invested! Keep writing too :wink:

Total: 7.4/10

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Thanks for the review! :heart: I’m currently revamping the first episodes and you gave me some really good points to consider :blush:

This is my story :slight_smile: :heart: (Limelight,2 love interests, FULL CC of MC and Love interests)
Title : Conqueror of my heart
Style: Limelight
Author: Krissstina
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Link: [](…)
Summary : Ruby and her friend just wanted to have fun, but whan consequences will their fun?

Chapters: 11 (To be continued…)
Instagram: @krusss.episode

Thanks for the review. I’ll take some of your criticism into consideration. The story is categorized as romance not a fantasy. Her gift is not something she enjoys having and therefore, she actively avoids coming into contact with strangers and using her ability. Ezra just happened to be an exception. However, more background will be uncovered about her gift further in the story. Also, I started to really dive into spot directing and use of overlays in chapter 4❤

Hey everyone! I just published a story (only 2 chapters) and it would mean so much if you could read it :heartpulse:

Title: Prison Break
Author/Instagram: Kathryn L. (@kathrynstoriess)
Genre: Action
Summary: Cali O’Connor is a criminal in prison who wants nothing more than to leave. What will happen when she puts together an unlikely group of delinquents to break out?

Hello, I just got done with yout story!

PLOT: First episode seems really short. It’s just two girls going shopping for a club. I appreciate the dramatic cliffhanger but first off what kind of a security guy pulls a GUN on two girls who just sneaked into a club? That seems… unrealistic. Mostly, I was just bored. 2/5
Directing: I appreciate the use of zooms that you used. If I had to advice you on something, it would be spot directing. When making your characters walk into spots make sure to use @CHARACTER walks to spot bla bla in 3. This would make characters walks slowly and it would make it help look a lot more natural. Also at the final scene, Kira enters the scene again where she was standing before? 3/5
Spelling&Grammar: Generally okay grammar but spelling sometimes needs work. Try to proofread your story or use one of those sites that grammar check for you! 3/5
Choices: Virtually no choices other than dressing games which is a shame because I love impactful choices. 1/5

Overall: This story didn’t offend me but it was really short hence quite boring to me. There needs to be more excitement to the plot than going shooping for 90% of the first episode. Although, definitely keep writing! These are very easy improvements that can be made.

Total: 4.5/10

Looking for more stories to review!

Hi, here is my new story if you like :slight_smile:

Titel : The holy messy heart
Author : naranja.episode
Genre : Romance / Drama
Chapters : 4, more are coming
Instagram : naranja.episode

Description : This is the story of two souls, both hunted by the shadows of their past, bounded by faith. Are they meant to be or are they destined to walk away from each other? Strong Female MC, CC,+ Choices, Family secrets

Looking forward to some new stories!

Name : Right Beside you
Plot : After a traumatizing event, Nadine’s health turned upside down. Can she recuperate after visiting an Eating Recovery Center? It’s up to you. [CC/LL/POINTSYSTEM/CHOICE MATTER]
Episodes : 4
Status : On going
Gerne : Drama & Romance
Style : Limelight
CC : Available
Link :
My IG : nellyy.epi

Story Cover [Made by me] :

Sure no worries. I read all 7 chapters of yours and vice versa. Would that be alright for you ?

Hey! Thanks for this thread.
Here are my story details:

Title: Amethyst
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
CC: Yes, there is character customisation!
Instagram: purplepanda.episode
Episodes: 8 (more coming soon).
Description:You thought you were a normal girl. But does a normal girl have to save her crush from a curse that could become permanent? CC & Limelight

Cover (made by briella.episode):

Of course! That’s alright by me.

This is my story :slight_smile:
Title : Life in dreams
Style: Limelight
Author: Krissstina
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Summary : Do dreams always come true, even if all interfere?
Full CC, Choices Matter, MiniGames, Tappables, Point System
Chapters: 3 (To be continued…)
Instagram: @krusss.episode