Reading and Reviewing your Story

Since I legit can’t sleep I guess I should read and review some y’all’s stories
Leave the Link also

Here’s mine:

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I don’t know if you’re still doing this, but-- :skull::skull:

TITLE : Clue: Without a Trace
STYLE : Limelight, Cinematic and some Spotlight
AUTHOR/EPISODE NAME : Problematic_Patrick
DESCRIPTION : One by one, your friends are going missing. Can you and your friends uncover who is behind it before you are next?

  • Main Character Customization
  • Two Love Interests, one male and one female. I might make more as the story goes on though.
  • Various Minigames, Timed Choices, Chase Scenes
  • The ability to switch between/play as multiple characters
  • The point system…it will be used to determine whether you solve the case on your own or not.
  • The ability to solve the case using pieces of evidence you find along the way. This part obviously won’t really appear in episodes 1-3 as it’s too early.
  • Some choices that matter
  • Not complete, but by the end it’ll have at least two endings.


I would love review of limelight version of my story The Star Necklace

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Holy Crap it really is a Good Story,(even though I didn’t know what 12 × 9 was) It’s still a great story I’ll definitely be waiting for more


thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:


Your Welcome :heart::heart:


Sorry for this late reply but I really like the story,I think it’s interesting and has a lot of real world problems, I will be waiting for more :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey! I would love for you to review my story! :blush: Thank you so much and I hope you like it! :black_heart:
Here’s my story:
Name: Where the Shadows Belong
Author: Dani
Instagram: daniepisodewriter
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Episodes: 3
Description: Alexia has known the demon world for as long as she remembers, but still, her life was simple until she decided to join supernatural hunters. And you? Are you willing to join them?
Style: Limelight


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