READING: be able to read episode on the computer (suggestion)

Hey everyone I was thinking that we should be able to read episode stories on our computers instead of just on our phones!


It isn’t a bad idea.:thinking::thinking: but I don’t think is really necessary… Maybe just for the talented writers.

yeah I guess so I just thought it might be cool as you could add in more detail with a wider screen and things but also I hate reading on my phone cos I can’t get comfortable and I have hold it up cos neck cramp and things but I guess thats just me being needy though. Idk I just would prefer it on my laptop? :slight_smile:


There is an app that allows ypu to read and play apps on yoir computer (it is like an app on your computer and a phone on there, too . :joy::joy::joy::joy:)


I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. sorry got stuck on caps, but it would be so much easier for me to keep reading when my phone is almost dead.


Sorry this is a very delayed reply; 1. What is the app? 2. Does it work with episode? 3. Do you have to pay for it?


“The good news is that you can. Running Android apps and games on Windows. You can run Android apps on a Windows PC or laptop using an Android emulator app. BlueStacks is one solution, but you can find a list of the best Android emulators to try.” I use it to read episode and I can however there is something that you have to do with it first also I would not suggest creating a mobile story on the app like using the mobile Creator in the app because it may not save the information I did once, and it didn’t.


No, I used it for free. I assume the plate- the premium version is- you know, you have to for it.

you have a bigger screen, and while you are asking for help or tips or chatting with someone you can still reed.
Maybe a section in the writher portal a reading portal…
If you support this give a :heart:


That would be cool! :slight_smile: <3


Yes, I actually dreamt Episode was on PC and I was playing XD
This has been on my mind a few times…
This is probably the best feature, if it does happen, to take place!
(Every feature the Episode team gives us is amazing and they work so hard-thank you! But in my opinion, this would be way too cool.)

*Also, you got a typo in your sentence; it should say read, not reed.

But I agree with you completely 100%



Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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I also don’t have either cos I use a MacBook :upside_down_face:



Even if it’s limited, like, you can only read unpublished ones with direct links. It would really help me out when it comes to beta/fixing my draft.

My best friend has to use a program (I forget which one she’s using,) that lets her use apps on her computer because her crappy phone won’t let her download Episode. It runs slow, so being able to read just from the website would really help.


I have made that same tread a few monts ago didn’t i @Sydney_H

This request is older. Yours has been merged with this one. :wink:

Oh ok so they are both together?



Bump ^^

I would just love this feature: FEATURE: Reading on laptops/computers

(P.S the thread that I linked cannot be commented on, there’s no reply button) so I’ll just show support here :rofl:

A cool fact:

WE SO NEED THIS! :black_heart:

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