READING: be able to read episode on the computer (suggestion)


Even if it’s limited, like, you can only read unpublished ones with direct links. It would really help me out when it comes to beta/fixing my draft.

My best friend has to use a program (I forget which one she’s using,) that lets her use apps on her computer because her crappy phone won’t let her download Episode. It runs slow, so being able to read just from the website would really help.


I have made that same tread a few monts ago didn’t i @Sydney_H

This request is older. Yours has been merged with this one. :wink:

Oh ok so they are both together?



Bump ^^

I would just love this feature: FEATURE: Reading on laptops/computers

(P.S the thread that I linked cannot be commented on, there’s no reply button) so I’ll just show support here :rofl:

A cool fact:

WE SO NEED THIS! :black_heart:

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tysm for your support :hearts:


Support! :heart:

Support :heavy_heart_exclamation:

100% support. Most of us are usually on our computers/laptops as it would be easy to read Episode stories on there. Hopefully it becomes a thing.

I think that we should be able to write episode on computer, just because not everyone has access to there phones.

WE can write episode on pc

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omg yass


Support. I joined the forums just to support this. The app crashes so much on my phone, I’d like to just read the stories without constant interuptions. Also, I just like bigger screens. Always have. I’ve tried downloading an app that allows me to play this app. Which I think is a stupid idea in the first place, an app to play an app? Really? I hate workarounds. And that app didn’t work on my computer so this is really the only way I can continue to play the Episode in the first place. The constant Crashing…

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I just hope this becomes a thing so I can multitask :sweat_smile:


I am intrigued. I never write on here but I fully support this.
None of my devices can take Episode for long. They all crash and, with the new update, I believe my devices are becoming obsolete.
I use my computer every day, though.

I looked into this after reading your comment and it works perfectly!
I’m using BlueStacks on my Mac and it’s amazing. Really feel the need to thank you for this. I had no idea these emulators existed.
So, thank you! :smile: