Reading List Support Form promotion

I’m here to promote my reading list support form to help out struggling authors like myself in the episode community to get their story/ stories noticed.

The form is available in the link in my bio on my Instagram, @alicec.episode and it is absolutely free for everyone to fill out.

How do I do this? It’s simple, I’ll be reading the first 3 episodes, take screenshots and donate gems. If I do happen to like your story, I’ll continue reading it until the end.

Once I’m done with that, I use the pic collage app to set up collages of a story I’ve read before posting it on my feed where I’ll be tagging the author and provide info about the story in hopes of attracting attention towards them.

Link to my form:



I would love to, but currently my story isn’t published yet, so when it will be out i will make sure to tag you and if you would still like then you can do this later.

Very sweet of you to do this! :blob_hearts: I’ll make sure to follow your Instagram and fill in the form!

Hey, I don’t have IG. Will you be reading my story still?

I can still read your story. Just leave your story here.

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K. I will when it is published :sweat_smile:



I’ll make sure to follow your Insta and fill in the form… Thank you for doing this! :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Another update before I close the form for catch up.