Reading Or Writing?

What do you like most to do?
Reading or writing?
And why?


Writing. Because it gives me the satisfaction to try writing via coding. The satisfaction to put in your effort the best you can. All your hardwork into your story. Besides, it also enables me to learn and experience coding. This can be used as a skill section under resume for work. Plus it’s also my passion. Both reading and writing are. Reading to gain wisdom. Writing to execute the wisdom.


That is a great answer, really. What do you write?

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All genres. For now I’m focusing more on the genres Thriller, Mystery with a tinge of comedy :). Because here you get to exercise a lot of creativity in coding. (I’m having fun making up wild codings for my story haaha!) I’ll go back to Drama, Action sometime soon. I usually enter for contests :slight_smile:

For me I write about heavy topics:

  1. Ethnic, Race, Culture and Language Awareness/Open-Mindedness and Appreciation
    -Pacific Islands
    -Europe :slight_smile:

  2. The Sustainable Developmental Goals. (To help combat issues of the world) (Dont wory I make it fun hahah. I insert it into the story somewhere somehow lolll. I also try to include fun facts for educational purposes in my story.

  1. Detective Police Mystery Stories

Basically I try as much to stay off cliche and over-rated stories the best I can. But I still enjoy reading those stories from time to time :).


I love a good story with an important message —
The type of stories you write seem really interesting,
and If you have any finished I would love, love, love, to read them !!

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I would love to read you stories!! They seem truly amazing

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Both… :wink:

I love writing my own stories, especially trying to figure out some cool things you can do with overlays and things like that. I also just love writing stories.
But I also really love reading good stories, especially the ones with really cool directing. They are super inspiring.

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