Reading other stories on PC

can you make it so that you can read other peoples stories on PC?

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I don’t think so

ok it would be a good idea but thats ok

@whatsmyname While Episode hasn’t officially done this, it is actually possible by using an emulator and running the game through it on PC. For example, you can use Bluestacks, an Android emulator, to download and play Episode on your PC just as if you were playing it on your phone. There are some advantages to doing this. Some players use it to make spot directing easier and get specific coordinates that would be difficult to get on a mobile device. Some use it because the app on their device runs too slow or lags, and using it on an emulator will make it faster as a PC is more powerful than a mobile device. Make sure your PC meets the system requirements for this as Bluestacks may use a lot of RAM.

You can download it, for free, here:

There are other emulators for iOS as well, but I am only familiar with Bluestacks.


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