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Btw you’re entering the Dirty Dancing thing?


Yeah I am!


Episode 1 was so short I didn’t get a screenshot!:joy::joy:



I finish reading your story. Just ne careful because it said that I earned the Angel outfit burn then after every time I tried to put it it said that I didn’t own it. Anyway nice story


my story is called Hale Huna, please can I have a review?




Will definitely check your story! Btw! I’m Alex and I just published my new story and i would love to hear your thoughts. You can also dm me on instagram if you like it! @alex.woods27

Title: October’s Love
Author: Alex Woods
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 4 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: October is living a cozy-perfect life with her mother Allina. What happens when their life takes an unexpected turn?

Here’s the cover for my story:

1527026333245.jpg1260x1740 1.08 MB

Happy reading! ![:slight_smile:]


Name: The Ember Moon Pack
Description: You’re an average highschool girl. What’ll happen to your life when you get kidnapped by a pack of Hybrids that claim that you are their sacred Queen? CC, ChoicesMatter, 5Endings
Chapters: technically 4 bc ch 1 is customization
Genre: Fantasy/romance/horror
Style: Limelight
Instagram: gisellepisode :smile:


you want a random read for read or feedbacks?


Read for read beaut!!


Who made your cover?? :heartbeat:


Cece Hg it’s written on the top =) (for Alex’s cover)


@cece.hg :slight_smile: