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Instagram: @snow_whiteb.episode
Episode profile: Snow_whiteb

Here’s my story:

Title: Reset: love code fail
Author: Snow_whiteb
Genre: Romance
Sub genre: Apart from horror, there is a bit of everything
Style: LimeLight
Episodes: 4 (almost 5 and ongoing)
Story description: You used to live a perfect life, but it was all a lie. Follow Rhea in her search for her real identity, true love and the evil person who’s trying to use her to change the world.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5941839191212032

Notes: main character customization available; choices don’t affect the ending, but influence your story experience (sometimes totally different scenaries); the setting is various since you get to travel a lot; the story uses sound; it occasionally contains adult themes and strong language.

Info: If you want to keep updated, have questions or just want to tell me something, use the fanmail or DM me on Instagram. Feedback is really appreciated! Thank you!

Story cover:


Hey, I’d love the feedback and I hope that, if you do read my story, you’ll enjoy it!
Title: Ace of Hearts
Author: SarcasticGenie
Style: INK
Genre: Mystery
Description: Skylar was a notorious teen journalist at her high school, but, like everyone else in Morcastle, she had her own secrets to the point where even her murder isn’t all what it seems and it’s up to her three friends to find out the truth… or die trying.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6338823238451200

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Title: Somebody like you
Instagram : firefly.episode
Episode name: Jenn.emily
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 4 and counting
Style: Ink
Description: It’s your first year at University! How exciting. But things get a little complicated when you meet Oakwood’s party boy.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6511564045287424


Hey, here’s my story :grin:
Title: Skai’s Stories
Author: Mystery
Style: INK
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 10 (More coming soon!)



Here is my story! :grin: I hope you like it :grin:

My story: Hunt or get hunted
Author: Owlquest
Ig: episode.owlquest
Style: INK
Chapters: 6 (coming more)
Genre: adventure/ romance/ fantasy
Summary: The darkness will overcome the light in the end of the day. But will you survive or drown with the other monsters that is lurking in the shadows?