READS FOR READS (under 2k only)

My story is called Just Close Your Eyes, it is about a teenage girl named Jada who’s sister kills her best friend. Jada has to move in with her step father and that’s when things get bad.
I only have three episode out but i am almost done writing more.

Sounds exciting I’d love to read it. If you wanna do R4R

I won’t be reading anymore stories until I have received a screenshot of my own (the amount of episodes you read will determine how many of your’s I’ll read but I won’t read no more than 3). I hope you understand as I feel like i am being scammed and is not receiving what I asked for. You can send me a screenshot through this thread, message me privately or DM me on Instagram (@evilyn.writes) as I really don’t mind! Hope this is okay with everyone???

I am up for R4R if you’re interested :slight_smile:
Story Title: Hopeless Girl
Description: We say that a first love can never be forgotten, that it will always stay in our heart, but what happens when our first love left and doing so, took our heart away?
Number of Chapters out: 10
Genre: Romance/Drama
Story Link: [ ]
Style: Limelight

Will start as soon as you’ve sent me a screenshot of my story (I’ll read the same amount as episodes as you read for my story but I will read no more than 3). I just don’t want to be scammed, hope you understand. :blush: