Reads for reread stories


Hi, everybody!
My question may seem a bit weird, but I wonder, should the number of reads increase if someone reads my story again? For example, to see a different ending. I’ve faced such a situation with my story “H & V: Fake Friend”. I know for sure that the story was read again, but the number of reads didn’t increase. Before reporting about a bug, I’d like to clarify for myself, is it a bug or not.
I’ve been looking for an answer for a while, but wasn’t successful with finding it yet.
If number of reads for reread stories shouldn’t increase, then it makes creation of stories with multiple endings a bit pointless… On the other hand, not gaining number of reads for reread stories can also make some sense.
Could anybody, please, help me with my question?


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I’m pretty sure they count, because I spammed read a story so they might win the Spotlight Contest, and all the reads counted. (or she got hecka lot of reads in a short period of time)


Well, it’s pretty interesting :grinning: I wonder, why doesn’t it work with my story? The reads for rereading are not taken into account… At least, yet. Probably, I should just wait a bit more, although a couple of days has passed.


Seems like I’ve figured out this question. Reads for reread stories are counted. What is not taken into account is the last available chapter of each story. If your story containes 3 episodes and a person reads all the story, you will gain 2 reads. That was the reason why the number of expected reads was lower than the factical number.


@Ryan, you can close this thread. The problem is solved.