Reads/Reviews/Ideas wanted!

Hi everyone, I’ve released a few episodes of my story “Homecoming King” and was hoping some people would give it a read and give honest feedback on my writing and even give a few story plot suggestions! My story insta is @ax.episodee

Story link: Episode Writer Portal

Please let me know what you guys think! Thank you!


Hi, what’s about?

Homecoming King is about a spoiled snotty kid named Aj, who moves to a new town and is very quickly humbled. When arriving into his new school he meets a boy named Tommy. The two of them are both nominated into the Homecoming court, and begin to spend lots of time together. Through many different obstacles and disagreements, the two slowly begin to catch feelings for each other, opening a wholeee new can of worms.

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ooh sounds interesting, I want to read it