Reads went down?

The app is saying that my story has 637 reads (as of right now), but the portal is saying that I have 636 reads.

Is this a glitch or something?


its a glitch.


Or maybe someone started to read the story but he didn’t finish the chapter :thinking:
But there are a lot of chances that It’s a glich. Because Episode is full of gliches :neutral_face:


I think (and hope) it’s a glitch. I’ve had people not finish a chapter before, and it didn’t do anything at all.

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It takes more time to change for the number of reads compared to views (I think)

I know, but normally, the portal updates before the app (at least for me).


for me the views on both the app and portal update then after some time the number of reads changes to that number (or as soon as I get more views, # of reads changes into the # that was for views) I feel like this is confusing to read. Let me know if I confused you lol