Real brands, people in story?

Hello guys! :innocent:

I would like to write a story about famous people creations, and in famous I mean people who did something historical.
I read in the Episode’s Content Guidelines that I can’t write about real brands and people(?)

Of course I don’t want to write about Gucci or something like that. And not my intensions to spread hate or the opposite to buy these things etc.
I just would like to use it in my story and only write real things about it and to acquaint to my readers.
Because what if someone didn’t know about that and he/she thinks it’s interesting?

Is that also against the rules? :cry:

Thank you so much guys!:innocent:

(sorry for my English)


yes. it dosent matter how its portrayed, its still against the rules to use brands and famous people.

Bruh I really don’t understand what’s wrong with that😒

Anyway, Thank you😇

copyright infringement, they can actually sue episode over it. of course the ods of that is almost non-existing, but episode are earning money on it, so they can be in legal trouble.

copyright is important, els as example episode could just take our stories and sell them without our consent.

and its a rule. it dosent matter, if its fair or not, if it makes sense or not, you gotta follow the rules

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Could you tell me if I use sentece(s) from the internet and after that I mark the sources also can be a problem?
(Not copy and paste the sentence)

that depends on what your using, text cant be copyrighted per se.

the example you dont need to credit Shakespeare for saying to be or not to be.

but there was one author last year who copied a video from theodd1sout and put the entire plot into their story, that is a copyright infringement.

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I would mix from 3-4 websites and for example use half of the sentence and mix with something else.

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