Real Quick Covers!

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This will mostly be done less than 2 days, If not please message me!



Hi! Can you please make a limelight cover for me if you have any free time? If you can’t, don’t worry!

Story name: What Are We?
Author: nic7191 (please don’t include in cover)
Characters: 2 (including baby in pink swaddle blanket)

Description of cover: I want the cover background to be on a beach if possible and have my two characters, Emma and Killian. I want Emma to be holding the baby and Killian right behind her, holding Emma in his arms (sort of like a prom pose).

Description of characters:
hair: long feathered (dirty blonde)
face: heart soft
eyebrows: round thin high (deep brown)
eyes: female generic (green emerald)
nose: defined natural
mouth: full heart pouty (peach gloss)
body: female generic skin ( fair neutral)

hair: generic short (black dark)
face: diamond soft
eyebrows: male generic (deep brown)
eyes: male generic (blue deep)
nose: male generic
mouth: medium straight natural (beige rose)
body: male generic skin (beige rose)

~choker floor length v neck dress pink peach
~quilted pattern panelling belted open jacket red cherry
~pumps closed round cream

~zipper lapel open jacket shirt grey black
~pressed slack pants cotton grey black
~chelsea ankle boots pull tab leather grey black

Pink baby swaddle blanket: