Realistic Art Scene Needed asap!


So for my story the mom is having a baby and I need a super realistic picture/painting of her!
I want it painted like

If you can do this that’d be awesome and don’t worry so much about hair


I will give you more details if you can do this or something simular.


I dont think no one would take requests that are as good as that… I think your gonna have to commission it


Well it can be a little less artsy but something simular. Nothing exactly like that but idk if you catch what I’m saying?


I get what your saying, I dont want to fight but its gonna be hard finding someone that can do an art scene that is similar to that since I think most art scene artists that take requests for free on the forums do art scenes sort of like a cartoonish style :slight_smile: but still gorgeous either way!


What I’m wanting is a baby girl wrapped up in a navy blue swaddle looking like she is staring up at the MC with bright blue eyes. And maybe a little piece of hair like jack jacks from the incredibles.


Yeah I know what you’re saying, @Jeremy @Sydney_H please close I think I have an idea on who to use!