REALISTIC artist for COLOURING needed!

Hello! :blob_hearts: im a traditional artist and recently i’ve been experimenting on digital art and a more semi cartoonic style, which includes in attempting episode art scenes. However i have not mastered colouring nor have i attain satisfying result from it.

Therefore for the time being i’d like to ask for help to colour a line art/sketch. As a realistic artist myself (in traditional art) i do hope for realistic colouring. Unfortunately i dont intend on involving such payment that includes money so i apologize for the high expectation i have but not to worry, im not one to judge and we could figure out other alternative ways to repay you for your kindness. So if anyone is willing to help for the benefit of your practicing perhaps? or even just a way of spending your time/boredom that would be awesome! Multiple people could try? Anyway Thank you! :yay:

Message me if you want to help! (for the line art)

Quick informations:

Note 1 - reference

The female should be referred to the character shown below

With a clear visibility of the earring Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 14.21.27

As for the male,

P.s the line art shows the character wearing a tie, however [go to note2/3]

Note 2

I dont mind a few modifications regarding the line art, by all means feel free to accordingly match it to what you think could’ve been done/ look better or to your comfort, a little variation from you guys would be totally fine and rather interesting really.

Note 3

Feel free to experiment! besides the requirement of the female character to be in uniform, things such as the male character’s outfit or light source could be fit into your likings although it would be preferred for you to stick with its originals, i dont mind the changes.

Last note!

The background is once again your preference, you could match it up to your vision/imagination of this magical view :joy: or even have none at all, totally fine!

Once again thank you for taking your time to even just read them all!

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I’m also a traditional artist haha

btw your line art is really good! :cowboy_hat_face:


Oh hi! haha thank you! i bet yours would be better


Your line art is amazing :heart_eyes: :sparkles:I’ve actually wanted to try colouring in a more realistic style digitally… I can give it a try for practice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you eek! :heart: Go ahead!! i’m curious to see how u envisioned it :thinking: