Realistic backgrounds or animated?

Hello! So i’m writing my first story and i got some episode themed backgrounds if you know what i mean, like the animated ones, but i recently started reading stories with realistic backgrounds from pixabay and pexels and other copyright free websites. I’m planning an aesthetic/theme to this story, so now i’m lost and i don’t know which background style to use, i would really appreciate if anyone replied to tell me your opinion on this!


I’ve seen many stories with realistic BGs and I would say that it depends how it looks like. Some of them just look like they are not from the same words as your Episode characters because they are too realistic. I’d prefer to use cartoonish BGs for Episode stories because they fits more with the characters. But again, you can still use realistic BGs but I think it should fit a little bit with the chars if you see what I mean…

I use realistic BGs too but not too much, when I use them, mostly they are BGs like a forest, the sky, BGs about nature/the environnement, maybe the streets too!


I prefer realistic with limelight and more animated with ink. Also depends on genre. Animated works well with comedy and potentially fantasy, but less with drama.


Thank you so much for your reply! Istg i couldn’t stress this enough :pensive: :raised_hand:
I just started planning the whole theme and aesthetic of the story and realized the bgs i have don’t match the theme i was going for, so i’m basically stuck here lmao


You’ll be fine! Searching for BGs can seem like a lot of work, but once you find the one, you’re happy!


Thank you for replying!! I really appreciate every reply trying to help out my desperate a*s :pensive: that way i get a clear idea of everyone’s opinion! My story is a mix of drama, romance and comedy, so what do you think would fit?

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I like a mix of both. Some episode backgrounds are actually really nice. But if you want it to be aesthetically pleasing then I say use realistic backgrounds.


Alrighty! Thank you for your reply!! :blob_hearts:
I hope i can find a street bg that can be looped tho lmao

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Personally, I prefer animated backgrounds over realistic since idk…animated is harder to find/create than realistic so it makes me feel as though the author is more willing to put in hard work to that specific story but I don’t mind which is used in the story I’m reading since I will still read the story (:

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Animated and cartoonish backgrounds all the way. I don’t like the realistic photo ones, it doesn’t feel like Episode.

This may be out of context but, the theme i’m going for are summery colors, (not sure if summery is a word but whatever hsdsg) but most the bgs i have are black, and i really took at least 1 month to gather all the backgrounds i have, so how can i make the story match the aesthetic i’m going for with dark bgs? :pensive: :raised_hand:
(i hope i made sense)


I’m a background finder and I have a drive folder. I use photoshop and topaz denoise to make the backgrounds look more “cartoonish” but they still look realistic.

These pictures are from pixabay and pexels, no credit needed, but please share my link to other people if it’s helpful to you <333

I’m pathetic but bump :pensive::raised_back_of_hand:

I like backgrounds that are kind of realistic and cartoonish at the same time.

I like cartoonish like in the wolf in disguise, for some reason i find it satisfying


I prefer animated or cartoonish backgrounds because for me they match better with the characters.
Anyway, you can use filters ( has some nice filters) on the realistic ones to make them look less realistic.

does anyone know where i can find light effects? so like sunlight and such filters.

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I use this to add light effects. To gain light effects I think you have to have membership or something like that… but don’t worry, it’s free!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :sob::revolving_hearts::heartpulse::heartbeat::two_hearts:
i really appreciate it :pensive:

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