Realistic Cover Art Needed - Limelight Story

I’m currently planning and writing a new story about a girl working as a personal assistant, but her dream is to have her own PR firm and become a well-known party planner. Something she will accomplish during the first few episodes. She falls head over heels for the CEO of the rival PR firm while trying to build up her own company behind his back.

Creativity is key!!

I’m not picky about how you want to do the art, as long as there are two people on the cover (the MC and her Love Interest) and the background is black/dark.

In return, I will credit you in every episode (if I use your art).

Thank you in advance for helping a girl out :cherry_blossom::love_letter:

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i would suggest posting that on a new topic seeing as this isn’t yours and may be flagged by someone else :heart:

oh okay thank you. I’m new on the forums, could you tell me where i could post a new topic?

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The topic like these are created In the art resources section that you will find in the creators corner.

thank you!