Realistic Ending? What do you think?

Well I mean it’s called story for a reason. But yeah I thought about it too and many times (mostly when I was sad and the world around me was collapsing). You know that’s what a story genre is for stories when the MC are dying and realistic stuff are mostly trillers at least that’s my opinion okay I don’t mean anything in a bad way. :slight_smile: But it would be really strange as for fantasy or I don’t know even romance shouldn’t (as for me it’s that way - maybe because I read stories when I want to escape the real world if you know what I mean) have ending like that, it’s very sad for a story. (THIS IS JUST MY OPINION OF STORIES) :innocent:

Sometimes readers do not get mad at the fact that the main character died, they get mad over the sudden problems that you piled over each other at the last few chapters just so she could intentionally die. There should be a main legitimate cause behind killing a character, even if it was just the mail main. Problems should start piling up during the midway of the book, that way it would make more sense for the character to die, and would be more emotional for readers.
Hope you take my advice Solarnetic xx


It depends! Each story is unique and its’ ending shouldn’t have to be a happy one. Some love stories are happy. Some love stories are tragic. Some stories are meant to be happy and some just aren’t. I think it’s nice to see both happy & sad endings! Like I said before though, it depends on what the story is, how much time has been invested, etc.


I think that happy endings are very important, because stories often carry messages within them and affect us emotionally and mentally. I recently came across a coaching website where in an article the author argued that if all the media you consume is depressing, scary, dark, upsetting… that’s all gonna end up in your brain in the long run, sometimes even giving big contribution to compromising your mental health. So… I believe that the majority of stories should be something that leave a positive impact on us. A happy ending isn’t necessarily unrealistic if it fits the story, and it can give us hope, lift our mood, so why not!

However, just like in parenting (and in everything literally) a parent can’t always make their child happy, I believe that if the story allows it then negative (if not realistic) ending it is. Realism teaches and reminds us that sometimes things can go wrong, not as we wished they’d go, and we need to accept it. I feel like in these cases a good author should accompany their readers through this ‘hard’ finale so that they can understand and process what’s happening. Other times, it’s within the author’s intent to surprise or shock their readers to achieve their desired result. Result which, in every scenario, is a sort of teaching or message being conveyed to the reader.

I think–unless the intention is to shock the readers from the start–that an author should drop hints once in a while during the story that it could not end well, either due to choices or not.

Personally, I try to avoid shocking finales, or ones that are tragic but this choice is personal. There’s plenty of sad endings that I’ve read/watched over the years that were still able to give me hope that all things can be fixed if one works hard enough for it. According to me, that is the sense that a good finale should convey.


I mean I read episode because I wanna escape reality for an hour… That’s why I don’t like realistic or sad endings. Happy endings make me feel better. I don’t wanna be sad because of a story I have enough problems of my own. :sweat_smile:


that made a lot of sense thank you :revolving_hearts:

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I’m in the process of making a story called “Not Like This” where it focuses on an author who writes mafia stories, when she suddenly finds herself in the very situation she writes. Except this time, it’s not some romance story where you can seduce the Mafia man. It shines a heavy light on human trafficking, and when the MC comes to terms with the reality, it’s too late.

It shows how toxic and insidious this “mafia romance” mentality is, where we romanticize actual criminals who rape and murder people. It’s realistic, and there’s no sugar coating anything (except for trying to keep it within the guidelines). If people don’t like how it’s not a mafia-romance, that’s not my problem.

It’s not meant to be.


I actually really like tragic endings!! I think the determining factor is mainly the execution of the ending, though.

For example, I killed off my main character, and people really liked it because of the build-up, and because it was a huge plot twist that nobody saw coming. I also added in a sort of resolution with the other characters, and a few lines from the dead MC.


Me too! One of my stories is a Victorian Tragedy (Romance) where both the MC and love interest die. I’m trying to build it up so it’s clear that it happens but still sad and makes you wish things could’ve turned out differently. Basically make them fall in love with the characters, but also come to terms with the ending :blob_hearts:


oh sh*t i man damn send the link once you publish :smirk_cat:-

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PLEASE tag me when it’s out :pray:t2:


Yes. YES. As someone who admittedly loves Hamlet, I definitely am cool with reading a tragedy.

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You bet :eyes:

Ahh yess! That’s the aim of my story, I have a feeling you’ll like it. I’ve already put in a tremendous amount of effort into the first chapter to get the aesthetic right :revolving_hearts:


ofc :relieved: :heart:

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Agreed, the story i’m writing isn’t gonna have a yay everything is fixed and everyone is happy ass ending.

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It’s perfectly fine. Not all stories have happy endings. You shouldn’t have to apologise for that, and readers aren’t obligated to one.

Honestly for me, it depends on the story and the context of said story. I’ve read through 60+ chapter stories just for characters to die and I felt like I had just wasted my time, but then other times I’ve read stories with realistic endings where it genuinely made sense and I was okay with it. I didn’t feel like it was all for nothing because it was that good.

TL;DR: If it makes sense and is well written, I’m down. Don’t just drag me through a bunch of drama and filler just to be like “oop, they dead. sorry.”

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