Realistic Endings over Happy Endings - will you like it as much?

Oh don’t worry, it’s not messy at all!

So 70% were actually angry with the way you ended it? Did you ever consider having different options for the ending? Or was it not that kind of story?

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70% were upset, yeah. I did consider publishing an epilogue, but have not done that yet. I’m actually revamping the story right now, and I’m still unsure if I want to publish an epilogue this time around.

The original collected points and depending on your points, the main female character ends up dating someone or single. But the very last scene was the same in both scripts, as it was an open ending. I never had a “final choice”, I chose for the reader based on their points – I’ve always felt that to be more realistic. Like how in real life, your choices have impact and consequences.
In the revamp, there will is one path and there will be one ending, because I personally feel it adds more to the story. It sort of reads like a film this way.

I have no idea how anyone will react this time around, because the reactions between the readers seem to be more evenly split this time around: 50-50.


Those happy, perfect endings with 1028202828 children and happily ever after are really annoying and unrealistic. They present the character’s relationship as perfect and flawless, but married couples fight too, shit happens. Also, having thousands of kids and a huge wedding does not mean “a happily ever after” I hate it when people put romance as the focus and ignore other conflicts and other things the characters are going through. Even if it’s a romance story.
When it comes to bittersweet endings, an ending which involves a death of a character, a loved one for example, can be a happy ending too because life isn’t over after it. I hate it when people present it like “it’s the end” and suddenly the mc life is over.


I’d prefer a happily ever after ending so I can just complete a heart wrenching emotional romance and live my life in peace without being haunted by the fact they didn’t get together or something in the end, but probably because I’ve only seen many of those in stories so I might be a bit biased. I’d love to see something different though!
(All those Episode characters are getting married nowadays lol)

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Well I prefer happy ending… Coz it kidda gives me a good feeling… Like in the end everything is worth fighting for if you’re getting the reward…

Actually I’ve reading a story where a mc died in the end out of nowhere so… Well it kidda upset me, I mean throughout the episode we love the character and in end he died… It hurts a lot😵

A realistic ending rather than an overly happy one definitely makes the story more memorable.

I love happy endings, I also love realistic endings and lastly, I love tragic endings too but since happy endings are so common in stories on the app, I’ve found that other endings have stuck with me more, particularly tragic ones.