Realistic Pregnancy Stories


I’m currently writing another story with someone but I’ve decided to two projects at a time because it’s outrageous at all the horrible pregnancies story. I am the daughter of a beautiful, aspiring woman. Who happens to be a teen mother. It makes me feel like they’re misleading people’s story, who are painfully going through it.

The partner In currently working with is highly skilled and a great asset, I am looking for that in my side-partner for a realistic pregnancy story. Reply if you’re interested in spreading a anti-cliche pregnancy story! :arrow_down:


I am really interested!

My mother could not conceive for a long period after her wedding which meant I was born at a later age. Most people percieve older mothers in the media as not being able to look after their children well enough or maybe even have them without IVF. Its almost like if you are too old or too young the world we live in just doesn’t accept it. It’s only now in this age where people are slowly starting to accept it as being an older mother does not define your credibility or capability and being a teen mother is just the same. I don’t understand why people persecute and almost ridicule teen mothers.

In the end a teen mother could look after a child just as well (even better sometimes) then the social medias ‘acceptable.’ age. And the cliche teen pregnancy! I really hate it. I really really hate it. Some people like you said may be going through that time. I read a story where the whole chapter was literally talking about how teen pregnancies where not condoned and should just end in abortion. Anyways. I am really interested and I have gone into a rant which I hope shows how much I am interested!


Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


I am hoping this will go unbelievably well!


Me too!
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Eastern Daylight Time: EDT. New York


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Okay, I’ll keep that in mind!


Pregnant By A Nerd by Trish is pretty realistic
So is Pregnant by A Killer by Amy T.


Well, I don’t find any of those realistics: Especially pregnant by a killer. I don’t find that relatable and when I say relatable: I mean realistic. There is possibility that can happen, but I want it to something more realistic.