Reality shifting question (what to do when I forget my safe word?)

So most of you have probably heard of reality shifting and just earlier tonight I have the raven method a try twice but both times I had to stop for the same reason. I forgot my safe word. Now I don’t know if this is part of shifting but what I do know is I am a very forgetful person and there’s a huge chance that I will forget my save word so what should I do when/if that happens? I heard that there is a Lifa app or something where you can check on your clone and edit your script. Can I see my safe word there?

P.S when I was trying to shift I did have some of the symptoms; I was numb all over, I had tingling from head to toe and I felt like I was floating and I felt a bit dizzy. It was one of the weirdest yet coolest thing I have ever experienced.


if you forget your safe word don’t even worry about it, it’s mostly there for security. I usually just pinch myself awake or slap myself awake (yes weird Ik) but it works! it’s as easy as that tbh

and yes, you can check your safe word on that app if you added your script there. I’m not too familiar with that app.

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It kinda sounds like astral shifting in what you described at the end.

I randomly tried to reality shift. I am to lazy to create a script lol. But if wasn’t, it’s be about some mythical world, mermaids or even as a really rich person lmao.

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