Reality Shifting...?

Hi guys!..I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with shifting?


Heard about them. I heard some people are able to reality shift to their desired reality etc, and even making video tutorials on how to shift. No offense, I think it’s bullsh*t ngl… If reality shifting is real, the topic would be all over the news and more talked about. But if shifting really works for them, I guess it works for them… good for them… just my opinion regarding reality shifting


I used to be really into that for a year, i would try every night and listen to sublimals, all that, i found out it was just bs… the most it (most likely) is, is lucid dreaming , no hate to ppl who do it though, just my experience


Uh… Yeah, it’s a cool fantasy aspect. I was surprised to see people here talking about it like it’s a real thing in the real world? Yeah, I wish, lol.


I love listening to subminals. For simple things like gaining confidence, I think it’s cute! The concept of tricking yourself into stuff is do cool and actually helps. It’s like words of affirmation, at some point you start believing it for yourself.