Reality Tv Stories

Hi everyone, so I’ve been contemplating about writing a reality Tv show story. My inspiration was coming from the tv shows; Too Hot To Handle, Love is Blind, The Circle, and Are you the one. I don’t know if people are actually going to read it or not. I also have an idea of the story having a main character but also seeing the lives of other people. I don’t know can someone give me feedback lol.


I would love to see more reality TV stories. I mean you’ve probably already seen all the bachelorette/bachelor type ones. I would love to read your story (as long as it’s not all gem choices for the more “exciting” scenes). I feel like people would love it as long as there is plenty of customization and choices sprinkled throughout.


Thank you, and I wasn’t going to add gem choices because who am I to even do that. But thanks for the feedback!

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