Reality Tv story!

Hi everyone! I’ve taken a lot of time off forums and writing to critique my coding and writing skills! I’m excited to get into writing knowing how to actually code lol! I’ve been thinking about scrapping all of my old ideas for a story and writing something that not many people write about, plus something that i love reading!

Tv/Reality Show story format! With this idea, i obviously do not have the overall theme of the story eg: Survival game, Love game, Competetion to win something etc! It would involve mini games, timed choices, point system and a full coded intro with the characters! Personally i love these types of stores, my favourite is That Galactic game!

So please share ideas, opinions and thoughts as it would be much appreciated! would don’t you want to see, what you would love to see! No LI? I’m open to everything!


i really like your reality tv show idea! i think it would be interesting to see a survival-based tv show story be read, hunger games vibes! a strong main character with a goal that’ll benefit her/his life forever! i don’t know what you’d think about that but that’s my suggestion of what you could potentially write :relaxed:

P.S: I would be SO DOWN to read an action/adventure story like this! if it’s coded well enough!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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