Realization - Character's Heights

OKAY. Okay. I realize this may be common knowledge but for the longest time I would just eyeball the height difference of my characters and hope for the best-- but then I realized… The spot directer changes size… And for some reason my brain didn’t really compute this information til now.

SO then I was like “oh. oh” because if it changes size, then that means I can involve math into this.

So my Character Mavin is shorter than my other Character Spencer. She’s about two heads shorter than him, but she always wears high heels so the height difference is reduced to one head. And… And so I put them on the same height of line, in this case it was 252, put them at the same size, 0.781, and then I resized Mavin to her… vague height difference compared to Spencer.

;D and then I took the difference of her number and subtracted it from Spencer’s which got me 0.049.

Do you know what this means?

It means whenever Spencer and Mavin are in the same scene with one another, I need to always make sure her height is -0.049 from his height.

Of course not everyone cares about height, but I noticed that my character’s heights were all over the place and it was driving me insane.

Anyways! hope this helps anyone else!


I have a life, and you have saved it.

This is a really cool discovery.


I love this! This should save people a lot of time from creating different heights when spot directing every time!

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You’re amazing. Bookmarking this for future reference. :hugs:


I’m terrible at maths and remembering numbers :smiling_face_with_tear: so I just use height websites so I can compare silhouettes and then from there I have a general guide, for example the top of my female lead’s head is just below my male lead’s collarbones.

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Must bump this helpful thread!

Yk what, I was already aware of this - I’m just bloody lazy.

But now, I think I’m gonna go back to the first scene when they’re standing next to eachother and actually work out the height.

I set my MC to 1.000 and worked out all the other characters heights relative to hers.

Another character is 0.921 when the MC is 1.000. So when the MC is 0.846, I just times that number with the other characters number of 0.921 to get their height of 0.779. That way the other character is always at the same size compared to the MC no matter what size the MC is scaled too.