Really Bad Lag?


(not sure where to put this, so I’m putting it here)

Sometimes I get these really bad lag spikes that can last up to 10 minutes while I’m coding. They’re really annoying and I usually get so frustrated that I just stop entirely. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a laptop, but it’s not the WORST laptop ever. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or minimize it?

EDIT: Honestly, overall it’s just laggy, but sometimes it (the lag spikes) can get worse.


I don’t get them while I’m writing but I do get them sometimes when I’m reading, does that happen to you also?


Is your coding really long?


No, it only happens when I’m writing. :confounded:


No! Currently it’s only 700ish lines. I plan to make each episode 1000-1500.


@BlueShine Oh, that sucks. I hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile: