Really...! one simple question.!

I M SERENA… Actually I want to ask This to Everyone That How you manange The premium choices…
I Mean Do you Also Have a lack of Gems… Like ME?


I literally don’t see them :joy: I just ignore them and click on normal/negetive choice

And just collect gems!


Girl, Who needs gem choices when every choice have the same things?

Like seriously! Read a featured story, Curse at the gem choices and collect the gems girl!


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But…also The NEGATIVE CHOICE Leads us the worst part of the story…!
That’s What I don’t like!:grimacing:

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Need to sacrifice to get gem :joy:

Totally Agree :rofl:

secret I just tap fastly and don’t even read them :wink:

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Chill, the motive is to collect gems not spend there :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I usually spend gems to support other authors!

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I have never Supported The author!

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Well, it’s your decision about where you want to spend gems!

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I don’t click on gem choices when reading official stories, that’s how I have 700+ gems :joy:


You could pay to buy gems. Or you could collect shards by watching ads (100 shards = 1 gem ; 60 shards per ad video). Also, you could fight the urge to spend gems. And avoid clicking ‘support the author gem payment’ stuff. I act like a scrooge sometimes.