REALLY weird glitch or error? Please help!

Hey, so I’m in the middle of coding the first scene of my story, which is the author (me) talking to the reader. But for some reason, the character speaks his code! Im SO confused.

Here is a little section of what I have:
AUTHOR (talk_greet_neutral)
Hey there!

AUTHOR: (talk_flirt_charming_atcamera)
Thanks so much for choosing my story!

AUTHOR: (talk_excited_happy)
This is my first one, so I'm really excited for you to read it!

AUTHOR: (talk_flirt_charming_atcamera)
You will have both a female and male love interest, who you'll get to customize to your | animation:shake, color:orange| perfection.

So instead of the character, (Who’s script name is AUTHOR) saying “Hey there!”, he’ll say "Author: (talk_greet_neutral) " THEN he’ll say “Hey there!”, but with no talking animation with it!! This is the same with all of his lines. I have never had this happen to me before, and I have no clue what’s going on! Please help me out, I am so confused!!!

I can insert a picture of what’s happening if that helps!!
(Also I just realized he says “Hey there” with no animation behind it FIRST, and THEN he’ll say his code with no animation SECOND. I doubt that changes anything, but thought I’d mention it.)


Thanks so much!

You need to get rid of : behind AUTHOR.


LOL. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you SO much!!!

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