Rear Animation Help/Glitch?

hi! I can’t tell if this is a glitch, or if I’m coding something wrong. When I have female characters try to use any rear animation except for idle_rear (i.e. holdhands_give_idle_rear) they automatically begin the idle_rear animation.

This is my code, and the first picture is what I see on my phone, the second picture is what I see on my desktop - does anyone know what could be causing this?

@zoom on 141 241 to 192% in 0
&JULIETUPDO walks to spot .640 160 249 in .7 then JULIETUPDO faces right and JULIETUPDO starts idle_rear
Dialogue 1
@pause for 1.5
&JULIETUPDO is holdhands_give_idle_rear and JULIETUPDO spot .640 95 251 and JULIETUPDO moves to layer 0 and RO moves to layer 1
Dialogue 2
@transition fade out black 1

probably a glitch

close the app maybe if you can even restart your phone.

hi i forgot to reply the other day, but you were right haha - i was just getting worked up over a glitch! but thank you so much :heart:

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