Rear animation not working

can someone look at my script and tell me what i am doing wrong here please?

I have tried getting rowan to walk in the face right the do the rear animation while he talks but he always turned before he had finished walking, and then does no animation whilst talking?

I want him to walk in, then turn to talk to the girls but i cannot get him to turn and talk urgh… i bet its something simple im doing wrong but ive hit a wall in what im doing haha…

any help appreciated… thankyou :slight_smile:

also, i just took the rear animation out before i screenshotted this incase youre wondering hahah

You can try and ROWMAN faces right on the same line 312

i tried this and he walked in backwards now he looks like this hahah…

Is Rowan the dude?

yes he is hahah

The &
Would be played as the rest of the script works
So instead of the
@pause for 1
@pause for 3

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Also add

(Idk the name of animation lol) after AND ROWEN faces right

so does he have to do a rear walk animation before a rear animation? as ive tried just him walking in and once again he just is not doing the rear animation at all!

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It should look somethin like this:
&ROWAN walks to spot X Y Z AND ROWAN faces right AND ROWAN starts ANIMATION

And instead of
@ROWAN is talks_handsonhip…

ROWAN (talks_…)
Have you girls eaten?

yeah thats literally what i did but now he isint even walking he is sliding to the spot then turning back to face me and not doing the animation… i may crack very soon hahah im going crazy…

ok legit this layout is the only way it worked as the other ways didnt!

Thankyou for your help guys, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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