Rear-animations won't show correctly in the mobile app

None of the rear-animations for dances or love-interactions are working on the mobile app for me for some reason. They do sort of work on the webpreviewer, but then the spot where the character is at is totally off for unknown reasons. Is this a glitch?

are you using mobile creation or the web version?

or maybe it’s because you didn’t spot the characters correctly?

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Web version and I am quite familiair with spotting and stuff alike.

Is this still happening? Can you send a screenshot of your script with a pic of what it looks like on the previewer?

Nvm, it is working properly now, even though I didn’t change anything to the script :’). Don’t know if it was a minor glitch or something before, but I just checked so I could make that screenshot and it suddenly worked just fine. Thanks for reacting to my post, though :slight_smile: .

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