Rear walking code

How do I make a character walk towards a door then go inside (disappear)?

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you have to put 2 commands:

the first is the walking code:
@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear
(remember that if the character needs to face right you must put AND CHARACTER faces left , and viceversa)

the second one is the disappearing code

before inserting the disappearing code, remember to put a @pause for a beat (one is the minimum)

I hope this can help you :blush:

Okay, but what do I replace the x and why with?

The position where the door is.

The spot direction of where you want your character to be.

try to spot the character in screen center AND then move her to the spot you want it to be then copy paste and then user run rear and then remove character what i mean by this is when you do this

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces right (OR LEFT)

use the PREVIEW then spot her like that,

The door is in the centre so what would I put for that?

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