Reasons why you choose one style over another?


I feel picky and whiny while saying this but I honestly prefer limelight JUST because ink’s female animations look too sassy.


I like ink over ll because the animations on ll look kinda awkward in my opinion lol. Plus I like the art style better.


The awkward animations are the reason why i like LL better because yeah thats me irl , but i respect your opinion!


I do and prefer all though. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. Combine them all amd take their advantages, it will be awesome


Meh, all the styles have their ups and downs. I think INK has the best animations, clothing, etc whereas Limelight has more of a “realistic” look to it and the female hairstyles are pretty nice. But that’s just my opinion.

I don’t mind any of the styles tbh, but I find myself leaning towards LL a little more lmao


I prefer Classic because I LOVE the hairstyles and I also enjoyed reading Hospital Romance and my favourite hairstyle is the dip dyed pink hair


I picked Ink because the animations of LL are too awkward for me