Reborn: Story Art Contest!

Hey, hey! My name is Alyssa, and I’m holding a cover contest for my brand new story, Reborn. I’ll leave everything you need to know down below! :blush:

Since I am also in need of BG Characters, you can leave your LL details, an outfit, and a name for your character down below, but make sure you select the role you want first! :slight_smile:

Story Title: Reborn
Story Genre: Drama
Story Description: Adilyn’s best friend, Marilyn, died in a car crash a few months ago. She’s still grieving over her death, until one day, a girl shows up at your doorstep, and it’s Marilyn. The twist? She’s in somebody else’s body.
Artwork Details: I am in need of a small and large cover, one intro, one outro, and a personal beliefs splash.

The Covers: For the covers, you can generally keep them both the same. I would like Adilyn to be crying into Marilyn’s chest, maybe you can put some tears on her cheeks, and Marilyn will be smiling, but she’ll have tears in her eyes. They should be facing the camera, sitting on Adilyn’s doorstep.

Be sure to include the title, Reborn, and my author name, Alyssa D.

I know this is very complex, but it gives a general idea of the story.

The Intro and Outro: All you gotta do for the intro and outro is recreate the small cover, but resize into a one zone background (640x1136). Please make sure you put no text on these backgrounds, as I will put my own on these. :slight_smile:

For Fun: If none of the above follow your abilities, you can feel free to have Adilyn and Marilyn do something accordingly to the themes of Mature Language, Sensitive Topics, or Sound! If you wanna do these, submit the background with and without text! :slight_smile:

The Character Details:

Miss Adilyn:
Skin Tone - Neutral 03
Brow - Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair - Long Straight Loose Solid (Deep Brown)
Eyes - Deepset Downturned (Green Emerald)
Face - Heart Soft
Nose - Round Button Upturned
Mouth - Full Heart Pouty (Fair Gold Matte)
Miss Adilyn’s Outfit:

Miss Marilyn
Skin Tone - Rose 03
Brow - Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair - Short Wavy Ombre (Strawberry Blonde)
Eyes - Deepset Almond (Blue Deep)
Face - Heart Soft
Nose - Grecian Soft
Mouth - Full Heart Pouty (Beige Light Gold Matte)
Miss Marilyn’s Outfit:

First Place: Wins an exclusive role in the story, artwork will be used in the story, shoutout on instagram, follow on instagram, spam of likes, and shoutout in story!
Second Place: Wins a minor role in the story, artwork will be used in story, shoutout on instagram, and a spam of likes.

Third Place: Wins a minor role in the story, artwork will be used in story, shoutout on instagram, and a spam of likes.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


I’ll enter!

Oh, wow, thank you love! :blush:

Id like to enter a splash and a coverset! :wink:

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I would like to enter the same thing.

@Skyye and @Raybadem, thank you so much, loves! Excited to see your entries! :blush:

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Here is my character is you need it!

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this is my character could she maybe be the main mean girl?

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I’d like to enter! Sounds cool :slight_smile:

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Great! :blush:

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It’s a LL story, so if you could send your LL details, that would be great!

Tagging Some Artists Who May Be Interested In Joining…


You guys don’t need to enter, it’s optional.

Also, @Miss_Moonlight, @Raybadem, and @Skyye the deadline is the 28th.


Im interested with @EM_EPISODE

Oh, wow, thank you! :blush:

no prob

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I think I’ll enter :slightly_smiling_face:
I made two covers as an entry:

Hope you like it.


Super cute, thank you for entering! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Bumping. :slight_smile:

@Raybadem, @Skyye, and @Miss_Moonlight

Remember, the deadline is in sixteen days.


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