Reborn: Story Art Contest!


Okay thanks!


@Raybadem, @Miss_Moonlight, and @Skyye

I’m thinking about changing the deadline, so when do you guys think you will have your entries done?

  • Wednesday, August 15th
  • Friday, August 17th
  • Sunday, August 19th

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I’m in a place with not a lot of WiFi (it moves verrrryyyyy sloooowwwwlllyyyy…) so i’ll probably get it done on Sunday (I’m in a different place with faster WiFi!)

I’m working on it! Also, what background (sorry if it’s on the topic…I forgot.)



Any kind of doorstep. :slight_smile:


@Raybadem, @Skyye, and @Miss_Moonlight, I hope you haven’t forgotten about this contest, the deadline is tomorrow. :confused:


I have decided not to enter I am sooo sorry I’m just to busy.


Oh, okaky, thanks anyway. :confused:


Omg, okay


@Miss_Moonlight and @Skyye, if you guys aren’t gonna be doing the splashes, let me know, because I might be requesting them… :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I have better WiFi! If you can give me 1 more day!


Yeah, sure, that’s okay. :slight_smile:

@Skyye, do you have your entries…?


Awesome, thank you and sorry!


Im so sorry, but I think im gonna have to back out :sweat:


@Miss_Moonlight, since you and @MarieL were the only participants, I cannot declare a final winner, which means the contest is off.

I’m really sorry if you started entries already, I’ll have to request from others. :sweat:


It’s fine… :confused:


Oh, I’ve almost finished…


It’s okay, if you can still finish it, I can gladly use yours and @MarieL’s cover art for the story. :slight_smile: