Rebounding With Bad *REVIEW*(part 1)

Hello everyone!! As you have been waiting for, here it is!! Okay so I just want to say that this story is great!! Maybe some people don’t like this story because romance is not their favorite “subject” but for me this story is the cutest!! First of all, I love that the story is based on me. I love that I’m the one passing through all that drama, and I love that Ian is my rebound, because let me tell you, for me he is the hotest!! Second, I love how, well, me thinks in the story, Talia Rose, the author of this beautiful novel, did a great job doing the dialogues, because only a teenager knows and can understand all the struggle the characters are passing through. Third, I reaaaallllllyyyyy liked i don’t remember where but you get explained of how the school “works”, for example: Me ( or you) you are the popular girl, and the school is just like Constance and St. Jude’s school, if you know this name you ARE a big fan of Gossip Girl (I TOTALLY AM). Sooooo this is it for now, i have to say I really expect changes in my character, like a few episodes ago, me ( in the story obviously) started changing from the goodest girl alive to this bad ass girl, and let me tell you that I like it!! Great job Talia Rosee!!!